Stone Rise Farm - Growers & Distillers of pure essential oils & hydrosols
A view of the lavender field
  • The Distillery

  • A young Lavandula angustifolia 'Bee'At Stone Rise Farm, we use a small-scale method of distillation we like to call "Micro-Distillation". In this method, we use a small still, similar in operation to the traditional French "wet steam" water-bath stills of days gone by. This allows an extremely high level of quality control over each distillation.
  • Dried Lavender hanging in the distilleryIt does take more work to produce the same throughput as a modern large remote steam boiler, "dry steam" still. However, after three years of research, we believe that our methods, materials handling and work practices ensure that you receive the highest quality essential oils and hydrosols available.

  • All the way from the field to the bottle, the flowers, oils and hydrosols only come into contact with materials allowed in certified organics:
  • HDPE (high density polyethylene) for raw materials harvest and storage
  • Minimum food-grade (304) stainless steel for distillation and separation
  • Borosilicate glass for separation, dryness testing, oil transfer and hydrosol transfer
  • HMWHDPE (high molecular weight high density polyethylene, food-contact certified) for hydrosol storage
  • Amber glass bottles for oil storage and sale
  • PET (polyethylene teraphthalate) bottles for hydrosol sale
  • All of the above materials are cleaned and (where possible) sterilised using methods that are as kind to the environment as possible:
  • The plastics are washed and rinsed in the highest temperature water they are specified to hold
  • The stainless steels are washed, rinsed and then steam-sterilised for a minimum of 30 minutes
  • The glassware is washed, rinsed and sterilised by boiling in water for a minimum of 20 minutes

Growers & Distillers of pure essential oils & hydrosols: Lavender, Lavandin, Rosemary, Myrtle & Immortelle