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A view of the lavender field
  • Distillation Workshops

  • In 2012, Stone Rise Farm ran a Distillation Workshop for the Diploma (and above) students of Mark Webb, CEO at AromaMedix Pty Ltd, R&D Consultant, Lecturer and Author of Bush Sense. An end-of-year field trip, the workshop provided the students with the practical experience of witnessing production distillations of essential oil. They were able to ask any questions of Chris, the distiller and experience first-hand the wonderful aroma of the distillery and its products during the process. In 2014, the workshops were expanded to include professional colleagues of Mark in the essential oil, flavour and fragrance industries.
  • If you are on LinkedIn, you can view Mark's profile here. If you are on Facebook, his Timeline is here.
  • In 2015 the production distillations were also run as distillation workshops for aromatic professionals. The workshops have not run since, due to field commitments, but before they run again, we will announce them on our Facebook page. The current workshop curriculum is:
    1. The properties of steam and water vapour
    2. Steam Distillation Equipment (Stills):
      1. Traditional “water-bath” stills
      2. Modern commercial “remote boiler” stills
      3. Modern artisan stills
    3. How essential oil is recovered from plant material (close-up)
      1. The interaction between steam, water vapour and oil “glands”
      2. Steam throughput
      3. Reflux
    4. Steam Distillation Equipment (Condensers)
      1. Commercial tube condensers
      2. Traditional “copper coil” condensers
      3. Modern variations and improvements
    5. Steam Distillation Equipment (Separators)
      1. Relative density of essential oil versus water
      2. Borosilicate glass separators
      3. Stainless Steel separators
    6. Interactive production distillation of a farm crop, during which other detailed concepts are covered, namely:
      1. Distillery record-keeping
      2. Charge packing
      3. Factors for the determination of the end-point for a distillation
      4. Oil drying and dryness testing
  • For CPE purposes an attendance letter detailing the above curriculum can be provided upon request.

Growers & Distillers of pure essential oils & hydrosols: Lavender, Lavandin, Rosemary, Myrtle & Immortelle