Stone Rise Farm - Growers & Distillers of pure essential oils & hydrosols
A view of the lavender field
  • The Farm

  • A rainstorm moving in on the farmStone Rise Farm is located near Heathcote in the "granite hills" country of Australia's Central Victoria. The locality is mainly one of cattle and sheep grazing properties. In recent years, this region has established itself as a renowned wine region. Other enterprises in the immediate area include olives, and now, essential oils.
  • A rainbow near the distilleryThe land that comprises the farm lies upon the north-west slopes of the local ranges. The brown clay loam soils, created from ironstone and granite, provide the well-draining environment that the plants love. Surrounding the fenced fields are buffer zones of native vegetation. These buffers ensure that any risk of incursion by neighbouring enterprises is virtually eliminated. For great fencing in Central Victoria, contact Jarrod at DAVOCON Property Services.
  • The farm itself is operated according to the principles of organic farming (see the FAQs). These principles ensure that you receive products that are 100% natural. Due to the quarantined nature of the farm's fields, public access is not allowed.

Growers & Distillers of pure essential oils & hydrosols: Lavender, Lavandin, Rosemary, Myrtle & Immortelle