Stone Rise Farm - Growers & Distillers of pure essential oils & hydrosols
A view of the lavender field
  • The Field

  • A deep-rip line showing rock brought to the surface Stone Rise Farm has been created from what were traditional sheep paddocks with over-sown english pasture grasses. Native Poa, Kangaroo and Wallaby grasses are still in existence and are protected in the buffer zones.
  • Tilled rip lines, rock removedAt Stone Rise Farm, the field is prepared using a "minimum-till" technique. The new plant row is deep-ripped to begin the process of removing soil compaction created by years of stock grazing. Surface rock and large rock in the new plant row is removed and the row is then shallow-tilled; once to break up the rip and then back again to create the tilthed bed. The lanes between the rows are not disturbed, except for the removal of surface rock to allow access to the plants.
  • Once the row has been tilled, and a few weeks prior to planting, certified organic weed matting is applied to the row. This time gives opportunity for surface weeds and grasses to break down and for worms and other soil life to easily access the soil, improving its structure and quality.
  • Tilled Lavender rows weed-matted and planted Finally, when conditions are ideal, the young tubestock are planted. Stone Rise Farm only uses true-to-type varieties of Lavandula angustifolia, Lavandula x intermedia, Rosmarinus officinalis, Myrtus communis and Helichrysum italicum supplied by Larkman Nurseries
  • Guarded and mulched rows of Helichrysum italicumThe Myrtles and Immortelles, being particularly sensitive to cold winds when young, are then guarded and mulched over the top of the weed mat. This additional layer of mulch protects the plants from excess summer temperatures heating the soil and encourages more life into the soil. This "over-story" mulching is the more traditional method of mulching and is being incorporated retrospectively to all of the field plantings.

Growers & Distillers of pure essential oils & hydrosols: Lavender, Lavandin, Rosemary, Myrtle & Immortelle