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A view of the lavender field
  • History & Modern Use

  • Lavandula x intermedia 'Sumian' in SummerWe think that the single best resource for Lavender research is what we call "The Lavender Bible". Its real name is:

    Botanical Magazine Monograph: The Genus Lavandula by Tim Upson and Susyn Andrews (Kew Publishing, 2004). It is available at The majority of it's 456 pages are botanically focused (taxonomy etc.) but there is also comprehensive history and usage information as well (garden, perfumery, aromatherapy etc.).
  • Rather than repeat the commonly available information on the history of lavender and the other plants, and their traditional uses, we recommend that you read the Wikipedia articles as they are a very good summary and great start point if you are interested in further research. You can view the articles (in a new tab or window) from the following links:
  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Myrtle
  • Immortelle
  • As mentioned in the above Lavender article, some people could have an allergic reaction to Lavander and Lavandin essential oils and hydrosols. Others find that the concentrated nature of essential oil is too overpowering for their senses. Rosemary has been popularly contra-indicated for those with epilepsy. As for any essential oil, one should seek advice from appropriately qualified professionals (doctors, clinical aromatherapists etc.) before using any essential oil.
  • From personal experience, one aspect of using essential oils and hydrosols has been fascinating - the aroma of the oil in either form often has a different aroma emanating from different people when applied to the skin. When evaluating essential oil products, it seems that "body chemistry" can play a part. When sampling then, we use scent strips to evaluate aroma; this removes any modification of aroma due to different body chemistries.
  • More usage for the essential oils follows:
  • Lavender essential oil:
  • For a more calming experience
  • In oil burners, diffusers and vapourisers, use 5 to 7 drops in water
  • For massage, add 10 drops to 15mL - 25mL of a carrier oil (fractionated coconut oil, for example)
  • From personal experience, we have found that topical application of 1 drop does aid sleep and reduce inflammation from insect bites
  • Lavandin essential oil:
  • For a more stimulating experience
  • Use in oil burners,diffusers, vapourisers and massage in the same way as Lavender
  • From personal experience, we have found that Lavandin has the same anti-inflammatory effect
  • Rosemary essential oil:
  • In oil burners, diffusers and vaporisers: use 5 to 7 drops (0.25-0.3mL); try a 50/50 blend with Lavender
  • For soothing body & foot baths: start at 5 drops and work up to an amount you prefer
  • Massage: add 10 drops (0.5mL) to 15-25mL of carrier oil (e.g. fractionated coconut)
  • Hardwood floors: start at 5 drops in mop bucket for a crisp, refreshing scent
  • For the Hydrosols, because the very small suspended oil particles in the distilled water do not aggregate back into large oil drops, the applications of hydrosol make them more economically suitable for just about any "freshening" tasks you can think of, such as:
  • Spray-freshener for rooms, clothes etc.
  • From personal experience as a freshener with ironing, the small oil particle size means that there will be minimal chance of oil staining on the material being ironed. If drops of essential oil are added to water and shaken, it almost certainly will stain the ironing because the drops of oil are still too large
  • From personal experience, we have found that the hydrosols of both Lavender and Lavandin have the same anti-inflammatory effect as the essential oil, although more will be required. For example, we found that 2 applications of 2 sprays each, an hour or so apart, nullified the inflammation of mosquito bites.
  • Hydrosols are just as nice to fall asleep with. 15 minutes before bed, spray your pillowcase lightly (6 sprays spread over the pillowcase should do). By bed-time, the hydrosol will have dried and the subtle combination of "honey" and lavender remains for you to fall asleep with.
  • Rosemary hydrosol can also be used as a scalp moisturiser, after-shave toner and a cool & invigorating body / face freshener
  • From personal experience, cutting and scraping our hands in the field during harvest, Immortelle hydrosol, when applied, very quickly relieves the pain of a cut or scratch, and starts to harden the wound, helping the healing process.
  • Remember, for a powerful freshening, use essential oil in a burner, diffuser or vapouriser. For a subtle freshening, spray hydrosol.

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