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A view of the lavender field
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  • Academia
  • Dr. Robert Pappas, President/Technical Director, Essential Oil University
  • “Chris produces some of the best quality lavender oil that I have seen anywhere in the world. It was a joy to analyze his truly fine product as its rare to see the highly desirable combination of chemistry that his product contains.”
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  • Aromatherapy
  • Laura F., The Health Arts College
  • I just want to thank you both for such an educative, engaging, thoroughly entertaining and unique experience! Watching you distill the oils and observing first hand your technique and impressive attention to all details, not merely the fundamentals was a joy to behold. I was seriously doubtful that artisans like yourselves existed anymore, particularly sans multi- million dollar contracts with corporations or the like, however you have proved me wrong.

    Your hospitality was much appreciated , your method and willingness to impart your accrued knowledge was refreshing and the whole experience was totally conducive to learning and absorbing information in a manner that creates a new currency of quality.

    Your product is exceptional and after witnessing the actual process l now comprehend why? So rare to find the combination of intellect, meticulousness and passion you display.
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  • Mark Webb, CEO, AromaMedix Pty Ltd & Author, "Bush Sense"
  • Evaluation of the oils.. Some of the best lavender & x Lavedin oils I have sampled. Even the Grosso smells appealing & thats saying something. The hydrosols are also excellent, very well done.
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  • Marge Clark, Founder & CEO, Nature's Gift Aromatherapy Inc.
  • Chris Burder, the artisan grower/distiller who creates the oils and hydrosols at Stone Rise Farm, in Victoria, Australia has been an online friend for several years now. I think we met on Linked In on one of the EO discussion groups. A year or three ago he sent me some lovely samples of his various lavenders. Some were truly lovely, some were not to MY taste (which doesn't mean they aren't wonderful oils!).. but he produces in small quantities... and I need to import LARGE quantities. so nothing came of it. now... several months ago I took Robert Tisserand's Skincare course. And he talked about Rosemary chemotype a-pinene. WHAT? there's rosemary cineole, and rosemary verbenon, and rosemary camphor. I emailed Robert.. he sent me a gc..sure 'nuf...a rosemary oil high in a-pinene. (which for the non chemists is usually very high in conifers.. firs, pines, spruce,etc. Not rosemary.) So I started seeking this great for skincare chemotype of Rosemary. nada. none of my "usual sources" had any , had ever seen any. And, somehow or other... Chris and I were talking(emailing)..and HIS rosemary is high in a-pinene. 37.3% a-pinene. oh. I have to have some. all he had left were a few 10 ml bottles.. 9 of them. I wanted them all. and since there was room in the box, he included 100 mls (3.3 fl oz) of Rosemary, Lavender and Lavandin hydrosols, and tiny samples of all of his lavenders and Lavandins. and the one I remember loving is, indeed, Avice Hill..which smells EXACTLY like the lavender wand that Colleen K. Dodt wove for me a month or two ago. Scent memory is wonderful.. I KNEW I recognized that lavender. At any rate.. I don't think Chris has any more Rosemary left. We are talking about his doing a special distillation in quantity for Nature's Gift so that I can make it available in the future.. I might be talked into making some of those 10 ml bottles available... now if ONLY I could find my notes from Robert's course so I'd know what skincare purpose the high a-pinene Rosemary is used for..why I've sought it all these months. Anyway.. if you are in Australia, or even if you want.. Chris Burder distilles beautiful oils and hydrosols. WE talks about supporting artisan distillers. He IS one... and his oils just sparkle... THIS is what true quality is, folks.. carefully grown plants, artifully distilled in small quantities... by someone who cares.
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  • Karlie Y., LMT
  • This is my review of Stone Rise Farm's essential oils and hydrosols. Synopsis: The essential oils and hydrosols are exquisite. I went to the website, Stone Rise Farm, clicked on "store" in the middle banner, clicked on USD to change the currency to the U.S. Dollar, and started adding items to my cart. The shipping calculates it in AUD so the true shipping cost will be shown at checkout. I ordered 2 Rosemary hydrosols (100mls each), 1 lavender hydrosol, 1 lavandin hydrosol, 1 lavandin essential oil (Seal), 1 lavandin essential oil (Sumian), 1 lavender essential oil (bee), 1 Rosemary essential oil (alpha pinene CT, very rare) and some samples of the other varieties that I wasn't able to get in full 10ml sizes. These are truly artisan, high quality products and I can't wait to use them. They are vibrant, full and complex aromas. You can feel the care and attention lavished on the plants when you smell them. I am SO glad I ordered a large order, as I knew they would be stunning just looking at the website. Chris is a small artisan farmer and distiller, he does the whole process himself, and as such he does all the procedures and growing conditions in line with organic farming but does not have organic certification yet. Even so, the pure-ness comes through regardless of certification or a piece of paper. The Rosemary in particular is exceptional, I have NEVER smelled another Rosemary like it... It's definitely not the obtuse camphorous kind that gets stuck in your nose, (which I like but I love this more!!) it's very light, whispy, but definitely still Rosemary. I really like it! The lavenders are SO good, they knocked my socks off when I smelled them. My 10 ml bottle of Bee is very honey-y with a hint of citrus, but very lavender at the same time. The swampy is amazing, I don't even know how to describe it. I want to slather on all the lavender. These will definitely be interesting to blend with, so much fun and so deep and complex. The lavandins in particular I keep going back to smell. I have a love for lavandins but these are unique. Each one a little different. My two in 10mls, Sumian and Seal are above and beyond expectations. Sumian is slightly more camphorous to my nose but it still remains sweet, and seal is definitely more floral with some green earthy under notes. They both SMELL different and yet similar, even coming from same species. Again, I can't express enough just in words how full-bodied they are. It's like the difference in smelling a cake vs eating a cake, these aromas activate even the tastebuds on my tongue and all the thoughts in my head kind of go "mmmm!" The lavandin hydrosol is very nice, it has a sweet component to it. It's much nicer than the one I had from mountain rose herbs which was kind of flat and washed out smelling. The lavender hydrosol is also very nice! It's also sweet, and I like the scent. The Rosemary hydrosol is light, refreshing and uplifting! I can't wait to make it into a shampoo, it's going to be an out of this world experience! The atomizers were sent free with the hydrosols! Very nice and much appreciated! The samples of the other lavandins, lavenders that I didn't get in 10mls are in the picture above the atomizers. Lavenders: maillette, avice, swampy. Lavandin: grosso. Each are different in their own way compared to their same species brother. The maillette is the tried and true lavender, avice is very pleasant and floral, swampy is stunningly different, the lavandin grosso is a characteristic husbandry of spike and augustifolia with its sweet herbaceous and camphorous scent... and I can't even begin to pick a favorite. I will be placing my order for the 10mls of those I got in sample sizes within 2 weeks before I miss my chance! I rarely rave about essential oils, but this is definitely my new favorite place. Shipping took almost 2 weeks from date of purchase (I am in U.S. And Stone Rise is in AU, it was to be expected) but I assure you, it was definitely worth the wait.
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  • Perfumery
  • Emma J. Leah, Head Perfumer, Fleurage Perfume Atelier
  • “As a perfumer I rely on interesting quality botanical ingredients to set my perfumes apart from others. Chris has the exceptional passion and dedication needed to bring out the best from his essential oil production. His expertise and knowledge are well above any other lavender grower I have encountered because he has invested so much of himself in what he is creating from the selection of plant to the processsing. I would recommend any perfumer or perfumery industry member to investigate anything Chris is producing from Stonerise Farm. Emma Leah Fleurage Perfume Atelier”
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Growers & Distillers of pure essential oils & hydrosols: Lavender, Lavandin, Rosemary, Myrtle & Immortelle